Mini Only In Name

If you didn't catch it, this past Friday we had somewhat of a "Mini Bluegrass Fest". If you did catch it, you know there was nothing mini about it! The Roadhog Band started us out with an exciting set filled with some great tunes, including some Johnny Cash. They are a local band out of Valley Grove, WV. Make sure you check them out and keep up with them at We can't thank you fellows enough for kicking our night off right.Proudly following The Roadhog Band was, our very own, Crandall Creek. By now, anyone who sees our webpage should know exactly who Crandall Creek is. They are a permanent fixture in our concerts. As has been stated before, this band gets better and better each show. Word has it, they are picking up more and more shows in a wider area. If you haven't been able to see them because Moundsville is too far for you to go, check out their new website at and check out their upcoming events.Finally, the night was capped off with one of our favorite bands to book for our shows, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers. Their concerts are always entertaining. The entire band is made up of the nicest, down-to-earth people you could ever hope to meet. Coupled with their incredible talent and Libby's list of "jokes for days", they are sure to give you your money's worth and then some. We also got to witness a special event. Front man, Gary Antol had the distinct pleasure of having his daughter, Debra Sue, perform on stage with him for the first time, and guess what! The girl can sing! Thank you for allowing us to share in that moment. You can keep up with The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers and order their new album on their website at would like to thank Josh Blakemore for the incredible job of mixing the sound for all of our concerts, and Ryan Yanik for the great job on our lighting and video background. Also, we want to thank Suzanne Polinski, host and DJ of "My Roots Are Showing" radio show on 107.1 WEJP, for emceeing each of our events.

Of course our shows couldn't go on without our sponsors. We want to give a huge thank you to Jimmy Johns of the Highlands, Main Street Bank of Moundsville, and Kim McCluskey. We want you all to know that you are noticed making a difference in our community! We would also like to recognize, Shane Walters and Lamar Advertising for what you do for us.

Finally, we thank our audience. These nights are always a good time, but without your support, we wouldn't be giving any proceeds to those in need in our community. You should know that the money you spent for a fun time out on the town is going to help others who are in the fight for their lives against cancer. That money is going to be donated to WVU-Reynolds Memorial Hospital Cancer Resource Center. Our audiences make a difference. We hope to see you at the next show on October 6th with Alan Bibey and Crandall Creek, as we continue "Pickin' And A Givin'"...