...And The Crowd Spoke Loudly

We are not certain which crowd was larger, last year's or this year's, but there is no doubt that our supporters are all about Crandall Creek, One-A-Chord, and Roger Hoard. We thank these acts for doing what they do and attracting your followers to our shows. You brought in quite a large crowd. Please remember that the proceeds from ticket sales is going to help put a child, who needs a forever family, into a Christian home.

Thank you to those who donated auction items. The proceeds of these items at each of our shows are always a nice supplement to our ticket sales and allows us to give more to our beneficiaries. As you know, the proceeds of this show are going to Sacred Selections to help the Ward family adopt a child into their Christian home. You can donate to Sacred Selections by clicking here.

Finally, thanks to those who remembered to bring food items for our friends at Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen. They feed hundreds of meals to people in need every week.

We are sad to say, there are no plans for any shows until probably sometime in April. Jerry will be having a hip surgery next month. Please, keep him, his recovery, and his wife, Sharon in your prayers so we can get back to doing what we love doing...Pickin' And A Givin'.