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Photo gallery from "Drivin' Me Insane" video shoot

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The Bluegrass Music Endeavors Foundation work of Jerry Andrews and Crandall Creek is highlighted in Bluegrass Today article. 

Want something special for your Valentine's Day? Join us at the Penn Alps Restaurant for a buffet dinner capped off Bluegrass music from the Crandall Creek Band. Make it a Valentine's Day to remember. 

Crandall Creek SPGMA Performance

            Crandall Creek Band performed its blend of traditional bluegrass, newgrass and Americana at the 46th annual Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) Bluegrass Music Awards Show February 1 in Nashville, Tenn. 

            Although we did not advance in the competition, our music was well-received by an audience that normally would not hear our original songs. We are thankful for the opportunity SPBGMA offered us to play our music in front of this influential and appreciative audience. 

Crandall Creek Band will continue to create and perform the music we are meant to play. Much thanks to all those who believe in us and who are touched by our music. 

We truly are blessed. 

Crandall Creek Band performed its blend of traditional bluegrass, newgrass and Americana at the 46th annual Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) Bluegrass Music Awards Show February 1 in Nashville, Tenn. 

            Although we did not advance in the competition, our music was well-received by an audience that normally would not hear our original songs. We are thankful for the opportunity SPBGMA offered us to play our music in front of this influential and appreciative audience. 

Crandall Creek Band will continue to create and perform the music we are meant to play. Much thanks to all those who believe in us and who are touched by our music. 

We truly are blessed. 

Crandall Creek Band


            Bell Buckle recording artist Crandall Creek is a high-energy bluegrass band based in Moundsville, W.Va. The band’s second album, Headed South, is in production. It features original songs written in a traditional bluegrass style. Crandall Creek recorded its debut album, Goin’ Down Home, last year. 

            Crandall Creek was founded by Jerry Andrews of Moundsville in 2015. Jerry had a vision for a bluegrass group with musicians who reflect his West Virginia roots in the songs they play and write. In Crandall Creek, (Jerry named the band after one of his favorite places to fly fish in Wyoming) he has assembled a group that plays bluegrass with enthusiasm and has a passion for writing original material. 

            The band is led by Jerry on guitar and vocals. 

            Kathy Wigman Lesnock brings her voice for lead and harmony vocals.  

            Versatile musician Dustin Terpenning plays banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass. 

            While Lilli Gadd spends most of her time singing and playing bass fiddle, she also can pick up a banjo, guitar or mandolin. 

            Heather Wharton plays fiddle and adds her voice to the band. 

           Crandall Creek has played a number of shows at Moundsville’s historic Strand Theatre and has shared the stage with such national bluegrass acts as Donna Ulisse and the Poor Mountain Boys, Volume 5, Alecia Nugent and Alan Bibey. The band also has made multiple appearances at the Railyard in Elkins, W.Va., the Purple Fiddle in Davis, W.Va. and other venues in West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

            Crandall Creek donates money from shows to deserving charities. Jerry created the Bluegrass Music Endeavors Foundation as a non-profit 501c3 to give back to the community.            



Have You Missed Us? 

We have missed you. It has been too long since our last concert and our last post back in late January of this year. We had to take a little break. We were thinking of replacing Jerry, but we were afraid of making too drastic of a change. So we decided to do it one piece at a time. Jerry was preparing for, going through, and recovering from a hip replacement. We thank the Lord that all went extremely well.

Although we have not had a concert in the last 6 months, we have not been completely inactive. On May 21st we hooked up with our friends and community business members at Perkins Restaurant in Moundsville, WV. They hosted a "Dine To Donate" with, guests, Crandall Creek. For every dinner party that came in for the band, Perkins donated a portion of their bill to BMEF. Thank you to Perkins, Crandall Creek, and all of our supporters who came out to make the night a success. Seen here is General Manager, Tom Smith, presenting their much appreciated donation to Jerry Andrews and the other members of Crandall Creek.
Since we are on the topic of success, we would like to congratulate Crandall Creek and their rapidly developing events over the last few months. We have seen the release of their first CD, "Goin' Down Home", their hour long feature on 98.9 WDNE FM out of Elkins, WV, and their signing to Buckle Down Productions.

Another exciting piece of news and a huge blessing from God is that we have found, or should we say, we have been found by some new generous friends. Out of the blue we received a donation from a company out of Memphis, TN. We want to thank The Williams Company for their generosity. For 50 years they have been connecting other companies with the right people to fill their executive positions. If you or anyone you know could use their services, we kindly ask you to give our new friends a chance to help, as it is obvious that is what they want to do.

Finally, with fresh donations to BMEF, you know what that means! We are happy to announce that we have set a date for our next concert. We haven't finalized all the details yet, but we will be having a benefit concert on October 12th at 7:00 pm at the historic Strand Theatre in Moundsville, WV. Keep your eyes and ears out for further detail. We won't be such strangers; we promise! We are happy to get back to doing what we do, Pickin' and a Givin'!

...And The Crowd Spoke Loudly 

We are not certain which crowd was larger, last year's or this year's, but there is no doubt that our supporters are all about Crandall Creek, One-A-Chord, and Roger Hoard. We thank these acts for doing what they do and attracting your followers to our shows. You brought in quite a large crowd. Please remember that the proceeds from ticket sales is going to help put a child, who needs a forever family, into a Christian home.

Thank you to those who donated auction items. The proceeds of these items at each of our shows are always a nice supplement to our ticket sales and allows us to give more to our beneficiaries. As you know, the proceeds of this show are going to Sacred Selections to help the Ward family adopt a child into their Christian home. You can donate to Sacred Selections by clicking here.

Finally, thanks to those who remembered to bring food items for our friends at Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen. They feed hundreds of meals to people in need every week.

We are sad to say, there are no plans for any shows until probably sometime in April. Jerry will be having a hip surgery next month. Please, keep him, his recovery, and his wife, Sharon in your prayers so we can get back to doing what we love doing...Pickin' And A Givin'.

The Crowd Has Spoken... 

...and we have listened! We have had many great shows over the past few years. Some have been modest crowds. Others have been very pleasing crowds. However, there was one show that was undoubtedly our largest crowd. We have decided to not only reminisce about that night. We want to replay and recreate that night. We want to give those who missed it the chance to catch it and those who attended it the chance to catch it again.

January 26th at 7:00 p.m. at the Strand Theatre in Moundsville, WV we will be hosting a concert with Crandall Creek, One-A-Chord, and Roger Hoard. As usual, we will be collecting nonperishable food items at the door for Feeding Body And Soul Community Kitchen. We will also have a silent auction going during the concert. Proceeds will be donated to Sacred Selections. Please click the link to learn more about the important work they do to help with the adoption of children into loving homes and families.Please come out and support us and relive our biggest night! For more information, call Jerry Andrews at 304-281-5776. To preorder your tickets, click on the Event/Tickets tab above.

A Packed Show 

This past Saturday, we held another BMEF Pickin' And A Givin' concert series event. The house itself was not packed. Don't take that the wrong way. We had a really nice sized crowd, but it was the stage that was jam packed with pure talent throughout the entire night. The opener alone was enough talent to get your ten dollars' worth. Though he was alone, local legend, Roger Hoard is a big enough talent to fill any stage.Next up was another local talent, the group Bridges. They masterfully walked the audience down memory lane for a little while playing some familiar classic hits.Finally, Crandall Creek headlined the show. When the band began, they had a few songs of their own and had to rely heavily on cover songs. That is no longer the case. They have proven that they are not only talented performers, but also skillful song writers as well. They have plenty of their own songs now, and announced that they have recently cut their debut album, "Going Down Home". The CD should be available for purchase soon.Crandall Creek is known to allow others the opportunity to shine. They were gracious enough to bring an incredible guitarist, Bruce Winges, of Akron, OH up for a couple of numbers...and also another young local talent, Stevie Lynn performed a couple as well.It truly was a night and stage jam packed with so much talent!

We would like to thank Minnesota Limited for sponsoring our show. It is nice to know that you are interested in making a positive impact on the people in our communities. We would also like to thank Mike Boldrick, owner of Jimmy John's at the Highlands for feeding our performers. Your sandwiches are the best. Thank you Nana's Pizza and Pies for always offering our audience a little treat. Finally, thank you to our audience for coming out and supporting us. We hope you had a great night.

Keep December 8th open. Donna Ulisse will be back that evening at 7:00 p.m. to once again perform her Christmas show. Come and hear the story of the birth of our Lord like you have never heard before. Click here to preorder your tickets. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Early Christmas Gift Idea 

Tomorrow is November 1st. That means the holidays are just around the corner. BMEF is excited to announce that Donna Ulisse and the Poor Mountain Boys are coming back to the Strand Theatre to perform their Christmas Cantata. The show will be on December 8 at 7:00 p.m.

If you follow the Bluegrass scene, you know that Donna Ulisse is one of the top names at this time. Donna has been here several times over the last few years, and is gaining more and more fans in our area. If you haven't seen her Christmas show, it is truly unique. She tells the story of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, from the perspective of the people who were involved. It is a must see! The show will be opened up by our favorite local band, Crandall Creek.

So, if you are looking for a great early Christmas gift, the prices for tickets are $10 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 5-12, and free for children under 5 years old. That is a great price for a fun, family-friendly night out, remembering God's greatest gift to this world. The gifts don't stop there. You can feel good about your purchase knowing the money is going to go to helping the homeless.

Like all of our shows, there will be a nonperishable food drive for the Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen. There will also be a silent auction. As usual, the proceeds from ticket sales and the auction will be donated to another charity. The money from this show has been dedicated to go to Moundsville Temporary Homeless Shelter.

For more information, call Jerry Andrews at 304-281-5776. If you would like to preorder your tickets now, click on the Event/Tickets link above.

Thank you to our sponsor, Laura Bissett-Mull of State Farm Insurance!


It is almost time for another BMEF event! Mark your calendars, order your tickets, round up your nonperishable food items, and get your pocketbooks ready for the silent auction. We are sharing the date, November 17th, with the city of Moundsville. That is the date of Moundsville's Christmas parade. However, you will already be out and about. Hop on down to the Strand Theatre to top off your evening with a family-friendly concert with our headliner, Crandall Creek. The local group, Bridges, will be playing before them. Local legend, Roger Hoard will be opening our show. Also, Stevie Lynn and Bruce Winges will be performing a few special numbers with Crandall Creek.

BMEF's purpose is to raise money to donate to other charities. However, due to a lack of sponsorship, we need to take a little time to take care of ourselves. BMEF will be our beneficiary for this concert. We assure you that none of the proceeds will be going into anyone's pockets. We will be using the money to replenish our funds so we can continue doing what we do, Pickin' and a Givin'.

That being said, we do want to thank all of the area businesses and individuals who have sponsored our concerts in the past. A special thank you goes out to Minnesota Limited for their donation to this event.

Also, thank you to all those who help put these events together and who are key to the nights of the all know who you are. If you are wondering if you are one of those individuals, you probably are.

So, come on out November 17th at 7:30, after the Moundsville Christmas parade. Tickets are $10 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 5-12, and free for children under 5. Click on the Event/Tickets link above to preorder your tickets. For more information, call Jerry Andrews at 304-281-5776. Doors open at 7:00. We hope to see you there!

Little Theatre, Big Show 

If you aren't familiar with the BBC show Doctor Who, the main character flies through time and space in what is known as a T.A.R.D.I.S. We won't get into what the letters stand for, but the "vehicle" takes on the form of on old police box. However, the inside is somewhat of a wonder. As it is pointed out in the show on more than one occasion, "It is bigger on the inside."

Moundsville, WV has its own "T.A.R.D.I.S." in its historic Strand Theatre. It takes on the form of a small theatre, but it seems so much bigger on the inside. It is a somewhat small theatre, boasting a whole 400 seats. However, the little theatre is capable of holding big shows. The lighting is more than sufficient, and the sound system has the ability to satisfy some of the biggest names in Nashville's Bluegrass family. The theatre itself just has a comfortable feel to it.

This past Saturday, BMEF produced another benefit concert that showcased Crandall Creek and headliner, Alan Bibey and Grasstowne. Crandall Creek has recently gone through a couple changes. The members that have moved on are missed and will be forever in the hearts of the band members left behind, but fans are also amazed by the new additions that have come to join the family. Despite having members who are new to the mix, Crandall Creek was able to perform the beloved songs their fans expect to hear with the same quality and professionalism they have always presented.It is no wonder Alan Bibey and Grasstowne have won multiple awards and are one of the hottest bluegrass bands in Nashville at this time. Their performance was nothing short of amazingly perfect. Their sound is so crisp and clear, and anyone can tell by the pure joy in each one of the band members smiles as they are playing their songs, they are doing what they love. Their second set included a special song that should touch the hearts of anyone connected to Marshall County, WV. They played a song Alan Bibey did with the band IIIrd Time Out called Moundsville Pen.Not all bands are quite so accommodating, but they even left time at the end to do one of our favorite things at our concerts. They gave the audience the treat of two fun-filled songs with both bands on stage playing together. The energy of each band during their sets is one thing, but this is where the "T.A.R.D.I.S." probably struggled. The energy that came from its stage with both bands playing together is something that would be hard to contain.Thank you to Alan Bibey and Grasstowne and Crandall Creek for an amazing night. Thank you to our sponsors, Williams Energy and Main Street Bank, for your generosity. Without you these shows could not happen. Thank you to Josh Blakemore and Andy Blum for the sound and Mark Henthorn for the lighting. Thank you to those who donated items for the silent auction. Thank you to those of you who are still bringing in nonperishable food items. Thank you to those of you who came out in support of our show and our cause.

Finally, thank you to the volunteers at Helping Heroes for the work you do with our country's veterans. Of course, all of our proceeds go to a good cause. We hope the donation made to Helping Heroes will be of great benefit.

Everyone watch for details coming soon about our next event scheduled for November 17th. We hope to see you there!

Biting At The Bit 

BMEF loves little more than Pickin' And A Givin'. Our last concert was in July. Our next concert will be October 6th at 7:00. So you can imagine we are having a hard time waiting for the day to come.

Not only are we excited to do what we do, we are excited about the show that will be happening. Our headliner that evening will be Alan Bibey and Grasstowne. This is a great band with a lot of energy. That will work well for concert goers, especially if you have been to one of our previous concerts. Alan Bibey and Grasstowne and our dearly loved, high-energy Crandall Creek opening the show should get everyone's adrenaline pumping for sure. If you would like to get a little preview of our headliner, go to

Of course, the night will be fun, but you know there is always a good cause for our shows. The proceeds from ticket sales and a silent auction being held during the concert will be donated to the veterans organization Helping Heroes. Like every show, we will also be collecting nonperishable food items at the door for Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen.

Please come out and join us and drag a friend along with you. You can't go wrong with a fun, inexpensive evening out that helps others!

Mini Only In Name 

If you didn't catch it, this past Friday we had somewhat of a "Mini Bluegrass Fest". If you did catch it, you know there was nothing mini about it! The Roadhog Band started us out with an exciting set filled with some great tunes, including some Johnny Cash. They are a local band out of Valley Grove, WV. Make sure you check them out and keep up with them at We can't thank you fellows enough for kicking our night off right.Proudly following The Roadhog Band was, our very own, Crandall Creek. By now, anyone who sees our webpage should know exactly who Crandall Creek is. They are a permanent fixture in our concerts. As has been stated before, this band gets better and better each show. Word has it, they are picking up more and more shows in a wider area. If you haven't been able to see them because Moundsville is too far for you to go, check out their new website at and check out their upcoming events.Finally, the night was capped off with one of our favorite bands to book for our shows, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers. Their concerts are always entertaining. The entire band is made up of the nicest, down-to-earth people you could ever hope to meet. Coupled with their incredible talent and Libby's list of "jokes for days", they are sure to give you your money's worth and then some. We also got to witness a special event. Front man, Gary Antol had the distinct pleasure of having his daughter, Debra Sue, perform on stage with him for the first time, and guess what! The girl can sing! Thank you for allowing us to share in that moment. You can keep up with The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers and order their new album on their website at would like to thank Josh Blakemore for the incredible job of mixing the sound for all of our concerts, and Ryan Yanik for the great job on our lighting and video background. Also, we want to thank Suzanne Polinski, host and DJ of "My Roots Are Showing" radio show on 107.1 WEJP, for emceeing each of our events.

Of course our shows couldn't go on without our sponsors. We want to give a huge thank you to Jimmy Johns of the Highlands, Main Street Bank of Moundsville, and Kim McCluskey. We want you all to know that you are noticed making a difference in our community! We would also like to recognize, Shane Walters and Lamar Advertising for what you do for us.

Finally, we thank our audience. These nights are always a good time, but without your support, we wouldn't be giving any proceeds to those in need in our community. You should know that the money you spent for a fun time out on the town is going to help others who are in the fight for their lives against cancer. That money is going to be donated to WVU-Reynolds Memorial Hospital Cancer Resource Center. Our audiences make a difference. We hope to see you at the next show on October 6th with Alan Bibey and Crandall Creek, as we continue "Pickin' And A Givin'"...

A Special Summer Event 

We love putting on our concerts, and we love the concept of "Pickin' And A Givin'". We regret that we had nothing in the month of June. So, to make up for it, we have planned a special "mini Bluegrass fest" for the month of July! Mark your calendars, set a reminder in your phones, tie a string around a finger, because you don't want to miss this one. July 13 at 6:00 pm at the Strand Theatre we are having three bands for your enjoyment. As usual, our very own Crandall Creek will be opening up the show. Sandwiched in the middle is a wonderful, local favorite act out of Valley Grove, WV, The Roadhog Band. Finally, our headliner will be the one and only Jakob's Ferry Stragglers.

As always, our "Pickin' And A Givin'" concert series will be donating the proceeds from ticket sales and silent auction items to a special cause. We are proud to announce that this concert will raise money for WVU Medicine-Reynold's Memorial Hospital Cancer Resource Center. This organization provides gas cards to cancer patients who have little to no funds to get them to and from their treatments at the hospitals.

Please remember that we are still trying to help out Feeding Body And Soul Community Kitchen. We ask that you bring a nonperishable food item to be collected at the door. They serve many meals every month and can always use the help.

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. This is a perfect way to celebrate and honor the lives of those we have lost, of those who have survived, and those who are currently in the battle. Come out and join us for a great night with a great cause!